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   Arne Jansen Trio: Younger Than That Now: Presscuts

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Release Date: 03.10.2008
EAN/UPC: 705304452028
TT Catalogue No: 4520
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  • “Finally! You’ll be tempted to gaze up to heaven and let out a cry of relief. Germany has not seen the likes of a jazz guitar player such as young Arne Jansen from Berlin for decades. Perhaps never.“
    Jazzthetik, October 2008, Wolf Kampmann

  • "At the end of 2005 we were thrilled with „My Tree“ (Traumton 4486) ; and in order to express our thoughts about Arne Jansen's new album, we could use nearly the exact same vocabulary: a guitar of the likes of Rosenwinkel/Muthspiel; an exceptionally, stylish performer and composer, inexhaustible single-note playing; beyond all post-modern clichés, exciting, striking, astonishing. The Berlin guitarist is above all himself, a highly musical economistof beauty, of bearing, of space. He is an artist of reduction, such as in the beguilingly beautiful, almost minimalist and programmatic opening title „On the Shore“ , who furthermore, like in „Setting Forth“ chooses prudently open strings over dramatically changing chords.
    Arne's truly large world, remains a reductionist one: at over nine minutes, the opus „The end of the world“, the three provide a prime example of 'less is more'; AJ has dedicated the piece to Haruki Murikami, the japanese author with innumerable references to pop, rock music and jazz. Here there is no tamtam crescendo to be found. Here reigns the softly breathing Moment, quiet, but powerful in its meaning, which we know through Haiku and Tanka. Arne Jansen and his trio offer wonderful music, music which contains much more than the ostensibly audible: an amazing amount of far-eastern wisdom."
    Jazzpodium, Alexander Schmitz, October 2008

  • The Dylan Factor:
    Guitarist Arne Jansen is setting new standards in the Berlin jazz scene. In spite of legions of motivated jazz musicians, innovation, individuality and international standards rarely sewn/few and far between. Arne Jansen brings this stagnancy to an end.
    Jansen is a gentle extremist. The pieces on his new album „Younger Than That Now“ are totally new and fresh, and yet stirs long-standing musical memories of jazz, rock and folk.
    He seeks his inspiration in Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Radiohead or Bob Dylan, from whom he has also borrowed the title for his album.
    „ The simplicity in music moves me, even if it be acoustic pop, which comprises only three chords.“
    Jansen doesn't disclaim examples like John Scofield, Pat Metheney or Bill Frisell, but his version of jazz sounds more like instrumental rock. He plays without each and every pressure, he can let go where others get in the way. „I don't want my music to be aloof. Art for itself alone, which catches life through a long-distance lens, is meaningless to me. I sometimes buy records, which on first hearing impress me, but then I catch myself and realise that I never listen to them again“. Jansen's songs are an unbroken line between White Stripes and Neil Young. Jazz or not, Jansen translates his influences into a Berlin jargon, the sounds of daily life in the German capital, from the dust of the building sites to the scent of hot-dog stands in the beer garden.
    TIP Berlin, 2.10.2008

  • The german guitarist demonstrates his skill in the subject of lucidity. This musician unerringly casts his exquisitely honed tones, droplet-like, in these eight instrumentals in such an economical and trembling fashion, that is simply inimitable, original, wilful and awe-inspiring. Together with Eva Kruse (b) and Eric Schaefer (dr), the berliner's album (production) succeeds in transporting us somewhere between the impressionism of Mike Goodricks, the nordic/northern Blues of Terje Rypdal, and the economical performance concept of Jim Hall, off the beaten track of traditional jazz, over-theoretical dogma and avantgarde forces. Wonderfully nonconformist.
    Gitarre & Bass, 11/2008

  • The guitarist Arne Jansen has two thirds of Michael Wollny's successful trio in his band. The Berliner composes simple, good-sounding melodies. He studied with, among others, Pat Metheny and John Abercrombie, and was a member of the German National Youth Jazz Orchestra. Jansen and Kruse also play in the quartet „Firomanum“, which enchanted this year's Jazzfest Berlin.
    KulturSPIEGEL 12/2008

  • Freedom and Euphoria. Musicians describe, why a work lies close to their hearts - this time: Arne Jansen, Guitarist
    „ I love the freedom of improvisation – listening to your fellow musicians and the shared act of composing 'in the moment''; With composition, just as with improvisation, I follow a melodic motif, which stirs something in me. I then try to follow this feeling through to wherever it may choose to lead me. It concerns much less a conscious creative process, and much more so, an unconscious journey of discovery, in which I try to follow melodic motif which moves me in some way. I greatly admire the masters of these skills, such as Miles Davis, Bod Dylan, Mahler or Radiohead. This all has to do with my musical development of course. After beginning as a rock guitarist, with a predeliction for Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler, I discovered, with near blind euphoria, jazz. Over a period of about ten years, I have engaged myself extremely intensively with this musical form of expression. And so it is for me a necessity and a great pleasure, to play music together with my colleagues Eva Kruse and Eric Schaefer, music which takes her inspiration from all these various styles, and is ingrained with jazz, as well as rock and pop music.“
    Tagespiegel Berlin, Spielzeit, 30.10.2008
  • “Without a doubt one of the most talented guitar players around”
    Hamm Live, Dirk Bremshey, 12/2008

  • Concert at "Jazz Baltica 2009":
    Jansen’s trio gave a furious concert – spectacular music, emphatic and expressive, with awesome dynamics.
    Jazzthetik, Angela Ballhorn

  • Concert at "10 Years of Enjoy Jazz"
    “…The concert by the Arne Jansen Trio from Berlin was a feat of extraordinary ordinariness. This music rests in its beauty and refuses to
    succumb to extravagant experimentalism or superficial athletics. Every one of Jansen’s notes exhales authenticity…”
    Jazzpodium, Volker Doberstein, 12/2008

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