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   Pär Lammers Trio: Komm doch vorbei

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Release Date: 27.11.2009
EAN/UPC: 705304453124
TT Catalogue No: 4531
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Pär Lammers: piano Marcel Krömker: double bass Benni Wellenbeck: drums
Special guests:
Chris Hirson: soprano saxophone Louise D.E. Jensen: alto saxophone Hannes Daerr: tenor saxophone, bass clarinet Daniel Schaub: western guitar

No. Track/Info Duration
1. Komm doch vorbei
2. No No No
3. The Cowshed
4. Soon Food
5. Hingerissen
6. Steve Buscemi
7. Kreuzberger Tage sind jung
8. Obacht Tobsucht!
9. Some people get so sick of health*
10. Rainmaker Heartbreaker
11. Fahrschule
12. Joachim Król *
13. Tired on the Toilet **
14. Hidden Track


All songs arranged by Lammers / Krömker / Wellenbeck
All songs published by Traumton Musikverlag
except "Cowshed", published by Reverb Music Ltd

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Wolfgang Loos
Additional recordings by Martin Offik

Produced by Wolfgang Loos

Paintings by Santiago Botero / Coverdesign by Minki Warhol


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