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   Science Fiction Theater: Pimp Town: Release Information

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Release Date: 12.03.2010
EAN/UPC: 705304453421
TT Catalogue No: 4534

Science Fiction Theater, the gang around Swiss saxophonist and composer Christoph Grab, plays the soundtrack to the life we would love to be leading in our most daring and secret of dreams - fantasies of you being Flash Gordon saving the beautiful Barbarella, heroically battling the Killer Tomatoes, discovering new worlds with incredible beings on a space patrol, or blowing your way through a series of Pulp Fiction stories as a super-bad gangster. On "Pimp Town" the hats are tilted down to cover half of your face. The drinks are strong, the smoke is cool and the scene is hot; here ice-cold angels wrap scrupulous gangster bosses and merciless killers around their little fingers, and small-time crooks learn that crime doesn’t pay in the end.

Inspired by composers like Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible, Jaws, Streets of San Francisco etc.), Nino Rota (Fellini, The Godfather etc.) and Ennio Morricone, Science Fiction Theater play their very own version of foreboding spy/crime soundtracks and groovy soul-jazz of the 60’s. Laced with electronic sounds and beats of the 21st century, the music they deliver is a wild mix of easy-listening elements, electronic soundscapes and jazzy instrumental improvisations.

Science Fiction Theater is a rock drummer, a bassist with punk roots, a fiddling rock guitarist, an analogue synthesizer freak and a grumpy jazz saxophonist, who all share a mischievous joy in letting opposite poles crash into each other: sweet meets weird, hard punk crosses over rapturous clouds of easy-listening, grooves contrast with spacious soundscapes. Compositions have the same value as instant-arranging here. Deadly serious art collides with a playful rummaging around in clichés and a virtuoso juggling with musical components. The result is a colorful Hollywood-style soundtrack between surf, trash, punk-jazz and easy-listening, where sweet bits of melody have as much room as jazzy improvisations, electronic soundscapes and escapades in sheer noise. Where the fun is already over for others, with Science Fiction Theater , it’s just getting started.
Intelligent groove - serious fun!

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