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   Montmorensy: Writ in Water

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VÖ: 01.04.2011
EAN/UPC: 705304454121
Traumton CD: 4541
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1. Croverture
2. Crow
3. Pluto
4. The Cloud Song
5. How Horrid
6. Writ in Water
7. Ducks Don't Need Satellites
8. Hexagon
9. Runaway Star
10. Grass In Antarctica
11. The Goldfish Song
12. The Na Na Waltz
13. My Favourite Things


Violin: Neela de Fonseka, Thomas Detleffs, Eugene Nakamura, Elyse Jacobson, Soeun Kim, Santiago Medina, Volker Haigis, Miriam Götze
Viola: Nicholas Clifford, Billy Murray
Cello: Katja Kerstiens, Fabian Schultheis
String Quartet: Thomas Detleffs, Elyse Jacobson, Nicholas Clifford, Katja Kerstiens
Solo Cello: Fabian Schultheis
Flute: Roy Amotz, Aaron Dan
Oboe: Lavinia Whitaker, Yigal Kaminka
Clarinet: Irit Silver
Bassoon: Heidi Mockert
Horns: Genevieve Clifford, Oliver Redfearn
Trumpet: Simon Hilberding
Harp: Vivien Carter
Slide Whistle & Castanets: Elias Hauck
Tam Tam & Cymbals: Rajko Burchardt
Timpani, Kick, Snare & Gran Cassa: Chris Pickering
Tambourine: Richard Landgraf
Triangle & Tubular Bells: Christian Weber
Piano, Organ, Harpsichord, Glockenspiel, Crows, Water, Bottles, Bubbles,Voice : Montmorensy
Soprano: Fiora Cutler Sopranana: (Na)Naseen Kiliani
Additional Voices: Damian Rebgetz, Katja Kerstiens
Duck: Martin Offik Penguins: Amy & Philippa Hankinson Cat: Fanny

All music and lyrics written and arranged by Montmorensy except for ‘My Favourite Things’: by Rodgers & Hammerstein (arranged with a little help from Eric Satie!). ‘How Horrid’ contains an extract from the ‘Cavatina’ from Beethoven’s String Quartet Opus 130.

Recorded & Engineered by Martin Offik at Traumton Studios, Berlin
(other bits & pieces recorded by Montmorensy in Sunny Grafton, Australia in Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin and in his bathroom.)
Mixed by Martin Offik & Montmorensy at Traumton
(except for ‘The Goldfish Song’: recorded by Montmorensy and mixed by Judy Kirschner & Andre Zweers at Screaming Lizard Productions, Petaluma CA)
Masterfully Mastered by Wolfgang Loos at Traumton
Published by Traumton Musikverlag
Artwork made very late at night by Montmorensy
Photographed on beautiful days by Carola Schmidt
Booklet designed and layed out in quiet rooms by Simon Adrian
Cloud Stamp used with kind permission of K. Nakagawa at
Penguin Contractor: Martin Offik

Produced by Montmorensy & Martin Offik


[hint: in well lit rooms Montmorensy is often mistaken for Paul Hankinson.]


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