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   Sebastian Sternal: Sternal Symphonic Society

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VÖ: 05.10.2012
EAN/UPC: 705304457320
Traumton CD: 4573
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Frederik Köster: trumpet, flugelhorn Klaus Heidenreich: trombone Christoph Möckel: alto & soprano sax, flute Niels Klein: tenor & soprano sax, flute
Erik Schumann: violin I Lisa Schumann: violin II: Ayako Goto: viola Mark Schumann: violoncello
Pablo Held: piano (tracks 1, 2, 4-7) Robert Landfermann: bass Jonas Burgwinkel: drums
Special guest: Claudius Valk soprano saxophone (track 3)
Sebastian Sternal: composer, conductor and piano (tracks 8, 9)

1. Fly
2. Ghana
3. Wo Träume Baume sind
4. Prélude
5. Place Dauphine
6. Abenteuer im Vis-à-Vis-Bereich
7. Caravelle
8. Les Mains D´Elsa
9. Chéreux

All compositions and arrangements by Sebastian Sternal
All tracks recorded on February 15-16, 2011 except Track 9 recorded live on September 20, 2010 by Christian Heck at Loft, Cologne
Mixed by Christian Heck
Mastered by Andreas Balaskas
Produced by Sebastian Sternal

Photos: Lutz Voigtländer
Design: Knut Schötteldreier

Thanks to:
Ayako, Christoph, Erik, Frederik, Jonas, Klaus, Lisa, Mark, Niels, Pablo, Robert, Joachim Ullrich, François Théberge, Peter Herbolzheimer, Hubert Nuss, Maurice Ravel, Igor Strawinsky, John Williams, Vince Mendoza, Volker Dueck, Axel Stinshoff, Bernd Hoffmann, Stefanie Marcus and Traumton Records, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, Christian Heck, Peter Materna, my family and Nicole.

Liner notes:
This recording brings together some of my favorite musicians from both jazz and classical backgrounds, combining the improvisational skills of a great jazz band with the deep sound of a classical string quartet - with both „parties“ having equal importance. I want to thank the musicians for their great mastery, and I hope you´ll enjoy this journey as much as we did.
Sebastian Sternal, May 2012

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