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   Holler My Dear: Have you seen the troll?: Release Information

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Release Date: 09.11.2013
EAN/UPC: 705304459829
TT Catalogue No: 4598

Holler My Dear - Have you seen the troll?

The young Austrian singer and composer Laura Winkler, who moved to Berlin a few years ago to explore new musical spheres, returns with a brand new CD, which will be released on November 9 on the renowned Berlin-based label Traumton. With her German-Austrian band Holler My Dear and their debut CD "Have you seen the troll? " Laura returns back home, at least in the form of her songs.

Laura Winkler's musical universe is one of many colours, shades and facets. When it comes to stylistics, as well as the handling of different moods, the Graz-born musician presents herself as an artist who doesn’t want to get pigeonholed in any constricting musical concept at any moment. Rather than being geared to the often practiced and heard songs between jazz and pop, Winkler, together with her five-piece band, tries to tread an independent way, one which leads to a charming and informal performance. The casualty and seeming effortlessness give the songs on the debut album "Have you seen the troll" their particular and attractive flow.
Enriched with elements of folk, klezmer and classical music the singer and composer, who among others studied Jazz Vocals at the Kunstuniversität Graz with Dena de Rose and composition with Ed Partyka, mixes her own musical jazz-pop cocktail, which brings the striking impact of her gentle voice to its fullest potential.

Fortunately however Laura Winkler doesn’t aim to let Holler My Dear degenerate into a one-woman show. She knows about the qualities of her band members Fabian Koppri (mandolin, vocals), Stephen Moult (trumpet, vocals), Valentin Butt (accordion), Lucas Dietrich (double bass) and Elena Shams (percussion) and also offers them enough room to contribute in their own creative way, which they do to a large extent. Their varied, vibrant, playful and especially sensitive musical work ultimately ensures that the songs come to life and provide a variety of beautiful melodies and thrilling moments.

With "Have you seen the troll?" Laura Winkler and her ensemble definitely pass more than just a test of talent, since their music seems to be more mature and more sophisticated than one would expect from a debut album. You can tell that this is a combo that really knows their craft – namely making captivating music. We can only hope that we will get to hear a lot more from Laura Winkler's "Holler My Dear" in the future. (mt)

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