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   Tann: Nadel verpflichtet: Release Information

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Release Date: 12.09.2014
EAN/UPC: 705304460825
TT Catalogue No: 4608

TANN - „Nadel verpflichtet“ [Committed to Needles]

It was in a studio somewhere in nature between Berlin and Magdeburg during the recording of their debut album, that the trio Tann suddenly came up with its future band name. From Tann [fir tree] the record’s title “Koniferen” [conifer] was only a tree’s length away. The needle leaf evergreen conifer is one of the pioneer species, which are characterized by their exceptional adaptations through which they colonize new land that was previously free of vegetation. This suited them well; not to mention the similarity of the German words for conifer (“Konifere”) and expert (“Koryphäe”), which was completely unintentional of course. Ever since, forest metaphors nourish the fantasy of guitarist Dirk Haefner, bassist René Bornstein and drummer Demian Kappenstein. Their down-to-earthness and their affinity for nature seem authentic; beards and plaid shirts support this attitude and leave no doubt, that they love watching forest animals, picking mushrooms and seek relaxation in going fishing. Tann stand for earthy rock-jazz with snarling guitars, dry bass and snappy grooves. Unwieldy melody boughs alternate with finely branched rhythms, melodic riffs transform into intertwined improvisations or rocky soundscapes. Tann present all that with the tendency to surprise and the necessary quantum of self-mockery. The three musicians met during their studies at the university Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden, where they studied with Günther “Baby” Sommer, Eric Schaefer, Tom Götze and Thomas Zoller, just to name a few. Their musical horizon ranges from collaborations with Rolf Kühn and Markus Stockhausen to Kurt Rosenwinkel and Vincent von Schlippenbach, all the way to pretty mery k, Masaa, Tim Bendzko, Kira, Roger Whittaker, Miss Platnum and Giora Feidmann.

As Tann, the three adept musicians enter deeply into the coppice of genres between rock-jazz and experimental and discover there an individual sound. The ten songs on their new album “Nadel verpflichtet” range from rocky-vanguard to atmospheric-melodic. The compositions, mostly penned by Dirk Haefner and René Bornstein, captivate with an exhilarant handling of sounds, song structure and arrangement ideas. Dirk Haefner weaves minimalist structures and spins dramaturgically sophisticated melodies. René Bornstein provides the earthy fundament and Demian Kappenstein creates a fine-veined rhythmic framework, in which a cosmos of sound forms an artistically entwined spatiality. On stage the trio operates with almost casual effortlessness, without losing touch with its audience. Surprises of eye winking humor are not uncommon and remind that a jazz concert does not have to be a dead serious event, but first and foremost should be fun. More than 100 concerts have brought them to various jazz clubs and festivals in their home country and abroad in these past years.

Tann are still staying closely connected to the forest theme. It creates scope for tonal associations and after all, wood significantly shapes the sound of guitar and bass. For this very reason one shouldn’t handle this resource wastefully, Dirk Haefner thinks. “Used instruments are still the most ecological. Some tropical exotic woods are forbidden meanwhile and are not used in making guitars anymore.” To give point to their passion – committed to needles – the three musicians are now involved in the German Forest Protection Association (SDW) and take part in tree planting projects and similar environmental activities.

Deeply rooted. Branching far. With “Nadel verpflichtet” Tann succeeds at translating the motto that the SDW devises as an image for the forest with an individual blend and undisguised directness

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