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   Lammel - Lauer - Bornstein: Look at Me: Release Information

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Release Date: 21.10.2016
EAN/UPC: 705304463727
TT Catalogue No: 4637

Lammel | Lauer | Bornstein 
Look at Me

„This is finest piano-trio-art that can confidently take on even international comparison.“
Jazz-Podium 04/2014

On their new album Look At Me, Andreas Lammel, Florian Lauer and René Bornstein work more with fine nuances than with boasting attitude. Thereby the unpretentious trio presents self-assured creative will and exudes an unobtrusive but distinct trust in its own philosophy. The music of the band creates invitingly transparent space with airy structures, which can be delicate and expressive, contemporary and timeless at once.

The clever structuring of the album develops a progressively increasing gravitational pull. While the first titles still appear unimposingly enticing, the music becomes more edged and at the same time more decisive and profound in the further course. The improvisations become more vigorously gripping and the trio gradually sparks numerous unexpected energy boosts, like in “Forever Young”. In between the longer pieces of about five to seven minutes duration, Lammel, Lauer and Bornstein place several short compositions, among them the “Triologien 1-3”, Florian Lauer’s almost 3-minute floating meditation on the “First Kiss” and Bornstein’s “Miniatur in Weiß”.

Andreas Lammel, Florian Lauer and René Bornstein are all in their early thirties. They met in 2006 when they began studying in the same semester at the conservatory in Dresden. In 2009 they decided to stay together as a trio, while all of them also played in other formations. Furthermore, after his piano diploma Lammel decided to study again at the UdK Berlin [University of the Arts] to become a recording producer. Even though Wolfgang Loos acted as producer and Wanja Hüffell was on the controls for the recording of Look At Me, Lammel’s knowledge about acoustics and recording technology contributes substantially to the charisma of the trio. It wasn’t by chance that he was honored with bronze and silver for his productions at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) conventions in Warsaw in 2015 and Paris in 2016. Look At Me sounds open and creates an atmospheric expanse that deliberately contrasts the usual directness often common in jazz. Consequently all instruments can breathe, can unfold also in nuances and are vividly present. Just like the multifarious music, also the sound of the album bridges between jazz and classical music, with little jetties branching out towards pop music.

While Lammel devoted himself to the details of sound at the Berliner UdK, Florian Lauer studied as a master student of Eric Schaefer, won prizes in Burghausen with the bands Mir and Slavicon and to this day plays with the ensemble Zur schönen Aussicht. René Bornstein was also awarded a prize in Burghausen with the trio Tann and won the international jazz contest in Avignon 2012 and another in Poland with Scrootch. Before Lammel, Lauer and Bornstein released their debut Novemberlied in 2014, they spent a lot of time attuning their ways of composing and playing to each other, to eventually reach an intuitive accordance.

Even though the majority of the compositions on Look At Me are still from René Bornstein, the trio has long since been seeing itself as a collective with equal members. More precisely, as a unification of three quite different characters, whose personal story and musical preferences are recognizable, but do not offensively push themselves into the foreground and rather enrich each other. Andreas Lammel began playing the violin when he was six years old and added the piano when he was still in elementary school. Already before finishing high school, classical music increasingly disappeared from his radar and “only through the recording producer studies it came closer again,” he says. In reference to the new album he speaks of polyphonic melodic lines, that were already present in Bach, undertakes an excursion to the Romantic period and arrives at an adaption of Schumann’s “Mignon”: “In our interpretation only the harmonic structure remains though.” The diversity of sound and color in symphonies of Stravinsky and Mahler fascinate the pianist, while drummer Lauer is enthralled by Schönberg, which is reflected in his suspenseful composition “Kanon”.

The title of the album, Look At Me is a variation of Bornstein’s composition “I Look At You” with a change of perspective. In its own way, this play with words and standpoints symbolizes the musical world of thought of the trio. It oscillates between the familiar and surprise, circles around precision and association and is based on attentiveness and concentration. It is part of the special character of Lammel | Lauer | Bornstein, that the music retains a certain lightness even in contemplative moments.

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