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   Shake Stew: Gris Gris

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Release Date: 01.11.2019
EAN/UPC: 705304467824
TT Catalogue No: 4678
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Lukas Kranzelbinder: double bass, electric bass, guembri, shaker, bandleader Clemens Salesny: alto saxophone, stritch, opera gong, flexatone Johannes Schleiermacher: tenor saxophone, flute Mario Rom: trumpet Oliver Potratz: double bass, electric bass, shaker Nikolaus Dolp: drums, percussion, thai gongs Mathias Koch: drums, percussion
+ Special Guest Tobias Hoffmann: electric guitar, shaker (Grilling Crickets in a Straw Hut)

No. Track/Info Duration
1. CD 1

I Can Feel The Heat Closing In

2. You Struggle You Strive
3. You Let Go You Fly
4. Keep Walkin

CD 2

5. No More Silence (Part I)
6. No More Silence (Part II)
7. So He Spoke
8. Grilling Crickets In a Straw Hut (Part I)
9. Grilling Crickets In a Straw Hut (Part II)
+ Hidden Track: Like Water Falling Down With A Thousand Spirits


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